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Guide lines to the Parents

  1. Parents are expected to take part in the proper education of their children. They should see that the children prepare their lessons and do their homework and other duties regularly .
  2. Parents should pay special attention to the regularity and discipline of their children they should read and sign the messages sent to them through the student's diary .
  3. Visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the class during school hours. In case of necessity they should meet the Principal and obtain permission to see the child or a teacher. Parents can meet the teachers on Second Saturday soon after the class.
  4. Parents are requested to make their complaints or suggestions if any, directly to the school authorities.
  5. Parents shall be responsible for the safety of children on their way from home to school and vice versa.
  6. Children must be in the school premises at least 5 minutes before the first bell.
  7. No cars, motorcycles or any vehicle will be allowed to enter the school compound during school hours.
  8. Parents are requested not to compare students with another as they are having different backgrounds, abilities and interests.
  9. It is quite natural that at times children may make complaints to their parents concerning school matters, parents are to bring such case to the notice of the principal and the class teacher before drawing a hasty conclusion.
  10. It is up to the parents to bring to the attention of the Principal and the teachers if their children have habits, traits of character of any other matters that need special care and attention.
  11. Parents are to see that children do not take unnecessary leave for social functions as not to break the continuity of study which is essential for progress.
  12. All the activities of school are envisaged and executed in the interest of the students. Hence parents must see that their children take active participation in all the school activities setting aside all other consi- derations.
  13. Parents may urgently attend to school office and promptly communicate whenever their presence is required or demanded by
    the school authorities.
  14. No school matter shall be transacted on holidays.